As an IT SPECIALIST you will:

  • Support implementation and maintenance of network and system services; monitor network and system performance; and troubleshoot problems as they arise.
  • Conduct integrated analysis of multiple audit logs (e.g. firewall, Web server).
  • Participate in design, development, acceptance testing and implementation of software programs and/or computer equipment. Develop flow diagrams and/or pseudo-code.
  • Test and debug programs according to detailed requirements. Install, test, and configure network workstations and peripherals; and instruct customers in logging on and accessing network services.
  • Maintain database operations, assist in returning disrupted database systems to normal operations; and create reports and manipulate data in response to customer requirements.
  • Prepare and maintain documentation outlining equipment operations and preventative maintenance.
  • Analyze complete documentation on the up time and reliability of systems to provide necessary information for contract enforcement. Provide advice and assistance concerning computer software and/or equipment specifications for the utilization and acquisition, resolve issues involving conflicting requirements.
  • Assist and/or lead local projects, prepare and present findings, or recommend action involving the analysis of complex problems related to equipment and/or software utilization and acquisition.



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