A career with Etihad Airways will take you all around the world.

Does a career span the globe appeal to you? Imagine visiting Sydney’s Opera House at the start of the week, dining on the Champs-Elysees in Paris later in the week and then browsing the many stores on New York’s Fifth Avenue the following week? Furthermore, imagine doing this with your new found family which encompasses over 6300 cabin crew of 110 different Nationalities.

Our Cabin Crew are truly global citizens who share a collective passion for caring for our guests, inspired by the traditional Arabian hospitality found in our home, Abu Dhabi. Our In-Flight crew aspire to surpass our guests’ expectations and inspire our customers through innovative hospitality and ensure the onboard safety of each of our guests.

We are looking for exceptional people to join our team. If you share a desire to inspire others and travel the world, explore our opportunities and join us as a member of our Cabin Crew, a Food & Beverage Manager or an In-Flight Chef.

A CV Drop Assessment is available to anyone who meets our criteria. An invitation to attend is not necessary. The locations, dates, and details of our CV Drops are kept up to date on our website. They are also advertised through social media and other career websites. Should you meet the criteria, you may be required to stay for the whole day or asked to return the next day to attend a full Assessment Day.

An Invite Only Assessment is an invitation-only event for selected candidates who have been invited after an initial meeting at a CV Drop or have received an invitation after applying online.

If you’re interested in Joining Etihad Airways Cabin Crew, Visit Etihad Airway’s Official Website.

Source: https://careers.etihad.com


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