Nothing merry about the Christmas -BBNaija Angel Reveals

Nothing merry about the Christmas -BBNaija Angel Reveals

Big brother naija reality star, Angel has revealed that there is nothing merry about this Christmas because she’s yet to achieve her dreams she set for the year

she stated;

At first, I wasn’t really sure I was going to celebrate, as at yesterday there was nothing merry about the Christmas, as at yesterday I didn’t feel enough, didn’t feel like I was doing enough even though between myself and God I really was. Fast forward to today, now 72 hours since I had shut myself off, I was in bed, phones switched off, at the hotel I had lodged in before leaving for big brother, in the same exact room I had stayed in, coincidence? I started to think about the journey, the laughter, the tears, the mental frustration, the anger and then I looked at the present, yeah it’s hard, most times overwhelming, other times I want to sit in the dark and just hide but shout out to that little voice(that I only ever listen to like once in a blue moon) that told me to think about the journey because it’s really not about how fast, it’s about the destination and it doesn’t matter how long it takes me to get there. Fast forward again to having that sudden bout of courage yet getting anxious all over again, too anxious to face anything and shout out to that little voice again that has really been working overtime for the past 72 hours because it reminded me that it is the same God that brought me this far, that will take me where I want, so I need not worry. so in light with that line of thought, Merry late Christmas Archies💛, may your lives always be as beautiful as the Christmas lights on a really warm day.

Dress: @mrssandrao_
Shoes: @gbjluxury
Hair: @olivevine_hair
Photography: @promzimedia


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